Uncategorized June 25, 2020

Staged to Sell—Fast

If you’re thinking about selling your house quickly, don’t depend only on the brisk traffic other homes in your area may be experiencing. Do everything you can to make a great first impression.

That means staging—a tactic that could make your house up to 17 percent likelier to sell.

Minimize. Staging is all about making the experience of first-time visitors as elegant and natural as it can be. So, minimizing clutter and obstacles is key. Cleaning up is just the start, though. Clear off all unnecessary clutter off shelves, countertops, dressers, tables and any other surface in the home. Think about a single flower vase with fresh flowers, one short stack of books or one centerpiece (on the kitchen table, for example).

Systemetize. Everywhere possible, create symmetry—with books, throw pillows, bookends, even pictures and wall art. Order and symmetry tend to please the eye and leave a much better impression with viewers (and potentail buyers).

Clear a path. Through every room, make sure people have clearly-marked pathways to walk through, and make sure there’s nothing in the way. Arrange furniture so that visitors instinctively walk where you want them to.

Light the way. And don’t forget—light your house very well. A brightly-lit space is a pleasant place to be and makes people feel extra welcome.