Uncategorized March 3, 2020

Front Entrance: Create a Memorable Welcome


First impressions mean a lot, and that goes for your home, too. To make a good impression with front entrance, here are some tips:

Clean sweep. Before people get into your house, they have to walk up. A simple few pushes of a broom can do wonders for the overall appearance of your front walk. Make sure it’s kept clear of branches, leaves and debris.

Color it up. In addition, as guests are ringing the doorbell, make sure they see a dash of color by way of flowers or flowering shrubs. Wreaths or garlands on the door add a nice touch.

Light touch. A well-lit entrance is a welcoming entrance. Keep it well-lit with the brightest bulbs that you can and consider more than one light source if a large fixture is out of the question.

Extras. In addition, make sure there are immediate spots available for coats, shoes and winter gear. Welcome mats inside and out give people a place to both wipe their shoes and remove them (if you want them to).