Uncategorized March 5, 2020

Top Wishes for First-time Home Buyers


What do first-time home buyers really want in a house? It’s not like it used to be, when first-timers bought fixer-uppers with the expectation of months (or years) of building sweat equity. For better or for worse, expectations have changed, and that means young buyers are looking for:

Low-maintenance living. Because far fewer people are growing up on farms or in blue-collar families, fewer homebuyers are entering the market with a taste for home repair jobs like they were in times past. Buyers now are looking for homes with updated kitchens, bathrooms and amenities that won’t require the elbow grease of the past.

High-tech havens. In addition, younger buyers consider smart accessories like thermostats, electronic hubs and security systems more and more standard equipment rather than luxuries.

Proximity to attractions. First-time buyers also are looking for places closer to things to do. With couples getting married and having kids later than their parents and grandparents, proximity to good schools isn’t as important as perhaps it once was. The easier it is to get to the fun, the better for these buyers.

Modern or nostalgic interiors. It’s a toss-up with young buyers: They either honor the retro-chic of the 1920s and 30s or opt for ultra-modern. Sorry, 1970s—you’re not as cool as you think you are. So, if your home was built when Nixon was still in the White House and you’re thinking about selling, take a tip and upgrade: first-time buyers will likely give you a pass.