Uncategorized April 2, 2020

Spring Cleaning: Make an Impact with your Tidy Home


If you find yourself around the house a little more than usual lately, make the most of the time by creating a list of spring-cleaning chores that everyone can help with. If you can get over the moans from the kids (and maybe your back), you’ll have a home that’s more fun to live in and looks much better to a prospective buyer.

Make like a tree … Nothing makes a yard look unkept like leaves left around shrubs, next to the house or anywhere else. Rake them, blow them out, do what you have to do. But get them out and to the curb!

Weed the walkways. While you’re outside, make sure there are no weeds or grass growing between pavers, sidewalk slabs or around steps. And rather than use chemicals, whack them out with a trimmer or just pull them out, if possible.

Dust and detail. Throw open the curtains and dust the daylights out of every room. Nothing will add a bright and inviting sparkle to all your rooms than light shining off freshly dusted furniture, shelves, railings, stairs and countertops.

It’s spring. Take advantage of some of your free time right now and make that house shine!