Uncategorized May 21, 2020

Organizing Your Kitchen


It’s disorganized. It’s always dirty. It’s your kitchen.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

When you’re organizing your kitchen, don’t start with what you see, start with what you don’t—the inside of your cabinets. Chances are, you aren’t making nearly as good a use of that space as you could. And you could be storing items behind those doors that you now leave on the counter.

To do that, empty all your cabinets one at a time and ask, “What should stay and what could go?” If you haven’t used that waffle iron in a year, store it somewhere else. Keep weeding out countertop appliances, dishes, colanders and anything else you don’t use on a regular basis. Now, take any items that you normally leave on the counter and put them in the now-empty space in a cabinet. Then, replace the rest of the items with the least-used items in back and the most-used in front.

As a second stroke of reclamation, you may want to consider hanging some pots and pans that simply won’t fit in a cabinet on the wall or from the ceiling. Any hardware store can set you up with a solution that fits your space and budget in no time.

Lastly, look at all the now-uncluttered space on your counters. Easier to clean now? Absolutely—and now you’ve uncluttered, organized and cleaned that kitchen. Amazing.