Uncategorized May 26, 2020

First-Time Homebuyer Wishlist


For the first-time homebuyer, the biggest temptation is trying to find the perfect house with everything from A to Z. But, if you’re like most first-timers, your eyes are bigger than your wallet. So, instead of shooting for A to Z, simplify your list to A-B-C:

A. Must-have
B. Should have
C. Would be nice to have

Your A-list might include things like “updated kitchen,” “three bedrooms, two baths” or “within 30 minutes of Rachel’s job.” Your B-list could have “updated kitchen” or “enclosed backyard.” Your C-list likely might have items such as “swimming pool,” “rec room” or “three-car garage.”

Whatever your priority list is, divide it up into these three columns so that when you are looking at homes, you’ve already agreed on what you have to have and what you can do without. It will give your search much more clarity, keep you focused on what you really value in a home and will end up saving you money when you aren’t springing for features you don’t really want or need. And, as a bonus, you probably won’t have to look at as many homes as you might have, simply because you’ll be able to weed many of them out with a quick scan on the computer.

So, take time to list your A-B-C’s. You’ll be so glad you took the time to spell out your priorities before you even start, and you’ll land what you’re really looking for that much faster.