Uncategorized Spring is Here     Oh, the joys of chirping birds and sunlight and the smell of flowers (no, really—go outside and smell them. They’re grand this time of year). Yes, it’s spring, which means that you really do need to get out and make your home more, shall we say, viewer-friendly. Time to clean out the extra […]
Uncategorized Create a Home Office (More Easily Than You’d Think)   For those working from home these days (and who isn’t?), the thought of having a home office, at least temporarily, has cross just about everyone’s mind. However, if you’re thinking of a more permanent home office arrangement, consider this: Space optimizers. With bedroom space being at a premium for most people, the thought of […]
Uncategorized Raised Seed Bed Gardening Made Easy   Gardening has, thankfully, made a resounding rebound the past few years as people realize that, eureka, natural beauty is something to be sought after. And one of the prime ways to set your yard, back or front, apart is to build yourself some raised seed beds. Now, for those of you who read “build” […]
Uncategorized Inside Family Fun!   We know: You’re trapped in your house, you’re starting to see sides of each other you probably didn’t want to, and you just want this whole quarantine thing to end. But as long as you’re stuck together, you might as well have fun together. Here are a couple ideas: Themed dinner nights. Don’t just […]
Uncategorized Lower Interest Rates Mean One Thing     With the coronavirus sending the world into economic uncertainty, the Federal Reserve has done its part to maintain stability by reducing lending rates to near zero. What that means for homebuyers is that mortgage rates have plummeted to some of their lowest levels in recent memory. As of publishing time, Mortgage News Daily […]
Uncategorized Spring Cleaning: Make an Impact with your Tidy Home   If you find yourself around the house a little more than usual lately, make the most of the time by creating a list of spring-cleaning chores that everyone can help with. If you can get over the moans from the kids (and maybe your back), you’ll have a home that’s more fun to live […]
Uncategorized Organizing Your Closets   When it comes to making the most of your living space, organizing your closets can provide a two-for-one benefit for little or no additional cost. First, it can make simple existing in your own space so much more doable and enjoyable; and second, neatly organized closets can make your home that much more attractive […]
Uncategorized Selling and buying a home in these trying times   Looking to buy or sell your home in the near future? Have no fear. Despite fears about the Coronavirus, in between the Fed and fantastic technology, it’s still a great time to list your home or shop for one. Let’s start with technology. Real estate agents have never had a better toolbox with which […]
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Uncategorized Want a Pool for Summer?   Ah, the sweet smell of chlorine water on a hot, sunny day. Makes you want to go for a swim, right? Well, if you can afford it and your backyard is ready, start now to plan for the dig.   Cost. In-ground pools can run about $50,000, so before you decide to make that […]
Uncategorized Investing in Real Estate   Investing in real estate, done smartly, can set you up for residual income for years to come, if you go in prepared. Total costs. When you’re buying apartments, office space or houses to rent—or even just investing in a cooperative investment group that does the same—make sure you account for the total cost of […]
Uncategorized A Staged Home   To translate an old saying, when it comes to preparing your home for the market, an ounce of staging is worth a pound of regular old cleanup. Forbes magazine says that homes that are staged sell for about 17 percent more, on average than non-staged homes—and much faster, to boot. That ought to tell […]
Uncategorized Kitchen Trends: The Heart of the Home   Oh, the possibilities for revitalizing the heart of your home—the kitchen. Here are some of the latest trends: Epoxy countertops. While stone and marble countertops will always win fans, they can cost you. Big. But with poured epoxy, you can get a solid, silky smooth countertop in virtually any color or pattern you desire […]
Uncategorized Getaway Ideas for Spring Break   Spring Break is just around the corner. The kids are vowing to be bored. You don’t have a ton of cash to spend, either. Nowhere to go? Try these ideas: National parks. While only 26 states have national parks, a huge percentage of people in the U.S. live within a day’s drive of one. […]
Uncategorized Top Wishes for First-time Home Buyers   What do first-time home buyers really want in a house? It’s not like it used to be, when first-timers bought fixer-uppers with the expectation of months (or years) of building sweat equity. For better or for worse, expectations have changed, and that means young buyers are looking for: Low-maintenance living. Because far fewer people […]
Uncategorized Front Entrance: Create a Memorable Welcome   First impressions mean a lot, and that goes for your home, too. To make a good impression with front entrance, here are some tips: Clean sweep. Before people get into your house, they have to walk up. A simple few pushes of a broom can do wonders for the overall appearance of your front […]